JOHN COLTRANE - “Part 3-Pursuance (excerpt) – A Love Supreme (1965 LP released on Impulse!)

JOHN COLTRANE and RASHIED ALI - “Mars”Interstellar Space (1974 LP released on Impulse!)

ANDREW CYRILLE - “What About?” What About? (1969 LP released on BYG)


PIVIXKI“Submit to the Sound”PIVIXKI  (2009 Cdr release on Sabbatical )

ZEBRA MU (Michael Ridge) – “Track 03″  – Extinction Volume 2 (2009 CDr release on Quagga Curious Sounds)

MSBR - “Jerico”Scopotophilia  (TAINT / MSBR split 1993 7″ Acetate release on MSBR Records)

STRICT“01″ Kiss (2008 limited edition 12″ release on Trash Ritual)

SISSY SPACEK“Cake” Poling 7″ (2007 7″ release on Static Aktion)

PULSE EMITTER“es” - Different Waves (2004 MP3 release on Blossoming Noise)

MIKE SHIFLET - “Burgandy Organza”  – Ribbons (Cassette) [Gameboy] (2003 cassette release on Gameboy Records)


THE NEW BLOCKADERS - “warum hatte das blockieren halten”  – Gesamtnichtswerk: 20th Antiversary Antiology (1982 – 2002) (2003,  4 CD box set released on Hypnagogia)

MIMEO + JOHN TILBURY“part two”  – The Hands Of Caravaggio (2002 CD release on Erstwhile Records)



JOHN WIESE & SPENCER YEH“Live in Richmond, VA HzCollective NanoHz No.3 Part 1″Live at Hz Collective (an unreleased recording of an October 10th, 2007 performance that took place in Richmond, VA. organized by the Hz Collective)

ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI & TETSUO FURUDATE - “mix white” - world as will iii (2008 CD release on Sub Rosa)


WILL GUTHRIE -“Lolped”Rose Coded (2002 debut solo CD release on Antboy Music, recorded live at the What Is Music festival in Melbourne, Australia)

LAURENT SASSI, MICHEL DONEDA, MARC PICHELIN, LE QUAN NINH“Eau Morte (Dead Water)”Montagne Noire (Black Mountain) (1999 CD release on Ouie Dire Production)

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MARTIN KUCHEN (excerpt) “Xuan Mgoc, 23D Of September 1966, In The Evening (Music For Solo Dance)” - Homo Sacer (2007 CD release on Sillon Records)

LEIF ELGGREN - “Track 3″45 minutes underneath the beds (2000 CDr release on Absurd)


DANIEL MENCHE“Guts One”Guts (2012 2LP release on Editions Mego)

RELEASE HELEN RYTKA  (Nicole Dirge & Richard Ramirez) – “The Last Time I Saw Her”Immigrant (2006 C20 cassette release on Pain Compliance Productions)