Feb 292012

THE HATERS “reflections off trash” –   rot (1995 7″ release on Apraxia)

HIJOKAIDAN“08/02/03” –  Hijokaidan / Bus Ratch Split Series #01 (2003 CD release on Monotype)

HOLLY HOLLIS“01 Untitled”Places Without Faces (2009 cassette release on Attic Cassettes)

HONG CHULKI“Untitled”  – Without Cartridge (2007 double mini CDr release on Balloon and Needle)

THE HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA“To Be Without Ends”Means Without Ends (2007 CD release on Daft Alliance)

IMPREGNABLE “Hunters Boots” –  Private Healer (2006 cassette release on Callow God)

JAZKAMER“Rochester” –  Proud To Be Un American (2006 limited edtion Cdr on Gameboy Records)


MERZBOW“Merz Gamlan” (disc #5 Collection ERa Vol. 2) –  Merzbox (50 CD box set, released in 2000 on Extreme)

JIN SANGTAE“Extention”Extensity of Hard Disk Drive (2008 CD release on Balloon and Needle)

JOHN OLSON, MIKE CONNELLY, NATE YOUNG with JOHN WIESE “CD5” –  Wheels Of Confusion (6  CD boxset release on American Tapes and Gods Of Tundra)

JOE COLLEY / CRAWL UNIT“Clay Sound, 2”Clay Sound  (2002 Neon Green 7″ inch release on Meeuw Muzak)

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Feb 222012

JEPH JERMAN“Magnification 2”Keep The Drum (1990 cassette release on Apraxia)

BORBETOMAGUS“presentation underpants” below the radar vol 3 (2010 Wire magazine compilation release, issue # 315)

THYMOLPHTHALEIN“Pim”Ni maître, Ni marteau (2010 LP release on Editions Mego)

JAMIE SAFT vs MERZBOW“Dangermix”Merzdub (2006 CD release on Caminante Recordings)

INCAPACITANTS“Letter Hero” Tight (2009 LP release on Dogma Chase)

JASON CRUMER“Local Scum” Live Chapel Hill  – Local Scum (2007 live recording at the  Night Light, Chapel Hill, N.C.)

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Feb 152012

KAY LAWRENCE “Helen”Gills Cut Into Women (2011 LP release on Urashima Records)

THE RITA“Ripped Until They’re Toeless Stockings”HNW (2010 LP release on Urashima)

Z’EV“Three Kinds of Game”Salts of Heavy Metals (1981 LP release on InfidelityRecords)


FRANK WRIGHT“Export”Stove Man, Love Is The Word (1979 LP release on Sandra Muisic Productions)

JASON CRUMER” Untitled”High Stakes (2011 CDr release on No Rent Records)подать объявление бесплатно на авитовок купить в москвенужны ли прививки в туниссотейник с антипригарным покрытиемикеа в кредитсамый выгодный кредит пермьфорум кредитлетниелатвийский интернет магазингугл количество запросовавито подать обьявлениеcheatpack.ruvzlom-parolya.ruцерковь возрождение отзывы

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Feb 082012

ANTHONY LEVIN-DECANINI – “Untitled” –  i below the radar vol 3 (2010 various artist release with issue 15 of Wire Magazine)

BIRGIT ULHER “Konzentrat” –  Scatter (2005 CD release on Creative Sources)

ZEBRA MU“Track 03”  –  Extinction Volume 2 (limited edition buisness card CDr release on Quagga Curious Sounds)

WASTELAND JAZZ UNIT “The Fact House, Lexington, KY (4.12.09)”Complete Spring Tour 2009 (six cassette boxset of the Complete Spring Tour)

THE HATERS “The Rapture Of  Transformation” – VARIOUS  ARTISTS – Soundtrack For The End Of  The World (1994 CD release on Self Abuse Records)

AGENCEMENT –  “Homeo Box & A.T.G.C.” Various Artists Cassette (1990 cassette release on Banned Productions)

THE NEW BLOCKADERS “History Of  Nothing”History Of  Nothing (2001 CD release on Siren Records


PAUL FLAHERTY, LAILA SALINS, BILL NACE“Axis Shift” Broken Staircase (2011 CD release on Wet Paint)

SISSY SPACEK“Untitled”Remote Whale Control (2007 CD release on Misanthropicagenda)сковорода для стейковкакая паркетная доска лучше отзывыновинки в смартфонахсковородки для блинчиковдельта кредит челябинсккредит онлайн спбкредиты череповецtranslate portuguesebinary optionlanding page design examplesциклевка пола своими рукамискачать взломанные игры на androidWhatsappвозрождение

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Feb 012012

AIR CONDITIONING“Accusation, Denial, Denali”Weakness (2004 CD release on Level Plane Records)

AGATA“switch life”Spike (2004 CD release on Tzadik)

BOGART“Sounds Of A Sculpture II”  – Sounds Of A Sculpture (1989 LP released on Kunsthaus am Moritzplatz gallery, Berlin)

AXCX & KHRUST“Silence”  – No State No Sound

CHRISTINE SEHNAOUI, MAGDA MAYAS“Faixa 03” Teeming (2010 CD release on Olof Bright)


AUBE“I-Hou”  – 108 (1999 CD release on Old Europa Cafe)

DOMENICO SCIAJNO & GERT-JAN PRINS“cascocity”the d&b album (2002 CD release on Bowindo)

DISINFORMATION“Loran-C VLF Broadcast” –  R&D (1996 CD release on Ash International)реклама сайтовпорно видео брат с сестройhookah lounge astoriacondos for rent in miamiномер горячей линии хоум кредитадебет 76 кредит 76кредит экспертkeyкопирайтеры работапоисковик гуглеbanc de binary uk contactophcrack.proВконтактеmt4 forex broker

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