DANIEL MENCHE“Guts Two”Guts (2012 CD release on Edition Mego)

DANIEL MENCHE - “Guts 2 x 4″Guts (2012 CD release on Edition Mego)


KEITH ROWE - “We Want Some Minutes, OK?”  City Music for Electric Guitar (1993 7″ release on Table Of The Elements)

BUSRATCH - “Steps (bus2)”Memorium (2002 CD release on PARA disc)

RYU HANKIL, CHOI JOONYONG“Feedback Ring For Three Electric Players” -   5 modules V (2008 CDr release on Manual)

MERZBOW“Tatara” – Antimonument (1986 Picture Disc LP release on ZSF Product)binary affiliate programseo оптимизация бесплатнодоклад о животных африкикупити тепловентиляторденьги в займы борисовномер банка хоум кредитхоум кредит банк брянск


BORIS W/ MERZBOW - “Groon”Walrus & Groon (2007 limited edition 12″ release on Double H Noise Industries & Hydra Head Records)

MERZBOW“Shadow Barbarian”Merbeat (2002 CD release on Important Records)

A FAIL ASSOCIATION“Give, part one”Slow/Turning 7″ (2004 limited edition C-8 cassette release on DaDa Drumming)

MACRONYMPHA“Semite (Arab and Jew)” - Pittsburgh, PA. (1995 LP release on Praxis Dr. Bearmann)


LHD - “Hotel Fire”Hotel Fire (2005 7″ release on P-Tapes)

MIKE SHIFLET - “Puritan Heartbreaker”Puritan Heartbreaker (2006 CDr release on Students of DecayRecords))free infographic softwarebanc de binary 60 sekundenкак приготовить пловrealestate in miamiооо мфо экспресс кредитао секвойя кредит консолидейшнпермь кредит


GREG KELLEY“4 Piezos” (30:51) – The Traditions of The Past Cannot Be Retrieved (2006 limited edition CDr release on 8mm Records

MERZBOW“Kundalini” (2:58) – Aka Meme (1984 cassette release on V2_Archief)

MSBR“Negative Action 7″ (4:49) - Metal Stricken Terror Action – Dedicated To Richard Rupenus – (2005 CD release on Denshi Zatsuon)

MICHAEL GENDREAU / FRANCISCO LOPEZ“Split” (20:11) – Split (2006 LP release on Crippled Intellect Productions)
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SUDDEN INFANT“”Untitled”Broken Glass (1989 7″ release on Schimpfluch)

THE NEW BLOCKADERS - “Side B”Reductio Ad Absurdum (2010 LP release on Harbinger Sounds)

HOLLY HOLLIS - “Untitled”Places Without Faces (2009 cassette release on Attic Cassettes)

AUBE - “Speeds”Skystreamspeedspreadetroit (2001 CDr release on time STEREO)

JOHN WIESE & LASSE MARHAUGH“Rip Torn”Country and Western (2010 CD release on Helicopter)


MERZBOW - “Modular”Merzbox- CD36 – Cloud Clock OO Grand (2000 50-CD box set on Extreme Recordes)

SIGHTINGS“Reduction”Absolutes (2003 LP release on Riot Season)сколько стоит билбордзаказать+поисковую+оптимизацию+сайта2012 jeep wrangler unlimited car covergay and lesbian londonкредит наличными 1000000 рублейфорум по кредитамвзять деньги в долг томск