TAINT - “Untitled” – 10:12 – Prey (1995 C-60 cassette release on Taint Entertainment)


THOMAS LEHN & PAUL LOVENS – “Achtung (Part 1)” – 10:17 – Achtung (2003 CD release on GROB)

TIM BARNES, JASON ROEBKE, NATE WOOLEY – “Aino-dake” – 15:36 – Trio (2007 limited edition CD-r 0n Peira)



SEBASTIEN BOUHANA“très nettement”Tambour, pas tant(2011 LP release on Insubordinations)
CHRISTOPHER RIGGS“The President of Instrumentality” – (MP# download, recorded in 2010)

FREEBASS“M,M,M,M,M”“M” (2010 CDr release on DAMrecords)

DANIEL MENCHE- “Scratch Of The Mutilated”Scratch Of The Mutilated / Sister Brother (Daniel Menche/Small Cruel Party 1996 limited edition Acetate split 7″ on MSBR records)

GK MONTGOMERY / CHOP SHOP“Radiator 1″ - Fragment 4 (1992 C45 cassette release on N.D. Records)

JASON CRUMER“Home Wreck”What Is Love (2007 C15 cassette release on Hospital Productions)

KNURL“Embolus” – A Hail Of Blades (2008 limited edtion CDr on Impulsy Stetsoskopu)


FLATLINE CONSTRUCT – “Create Your Own Rituals” *bonus 1:52Meatstack (2003 CDr release on Harshnoise)
DEFEKTRO – “Euthanasia” – 4:12 - Japanoise of Death (2003 CDr release on Steinkland Industries)
JAZKAMER – “Boston” – 2:55Proud To Be Un American (2006 CDr release on Gameboy Records)
EMACIATOR“Days Without Fear 1″ 3:33Whitewash / Days Without Fear (2006 C60 cassette release on Not On Label)
HELMUT SCHAFER and ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI“III” – 9:31Eminent Risk Factor (2008 CD release on ALKU)
CHOP SHOP“S.C.U.M.P”. 1:58  – V/A America Salutes Merzbow (1996 CD compilation release on Vinyl Communications)
AGENCEMENT“untitled” 9:292 (1989 LP release on PICO)
ERHARD HIRT - “Auge Und Ohr” 4:26Gute Und Schlechte Zeiten (1994 CD release on FMP)
JIN SANGATE“Extention” 13:13Extensity of Hard Disk Drive (2008 CD release on Balloon & Needle)


LIONEL MARCHETTI & JEROME NOETINGER – “Paris” (festival PRESENCES électronique, 2007) -  Paris – Genève (2011 LP release on Corpses Underneath The Bed)
MR. NATURAL“Untitled”  – Untitled 7″ (Gender-Less Kibbutz)
SICKNESS“Live in Cleveland 11/4/10″Fragmented Memory (2011 one sided 12″ release on Gods Of Tundra)
JOHN OLSON, MIKE CONNELLY and NATE YOUNG w/JOHN WIESE“CD4″Wheels of Confusion (a 6 CDr, split between American Tapes and Gods Of Tundra, released in 2006)
LASSE MARHAUG“From the Future”Quality Control (2007 CD release on Anoema Recordings)
LIGHTNING BOLT“Caught Deep In The Zone”
MELT BANANAIguana In Trouble”Melt Banana and God Is My Co-Pilot split 7″
MERZBOW“Enviroments”Vratya Southwards


AUBE“Drip Part 2″Drip (Water) (1992 C30 cassette releases on G.R.O.S.S.)
KUMMIEBAND & GLEBSTOFFlive berlin 02.09.2005 (1)Kummieband und Glebstoff Live Berlin 2005 (2006 CDr release on Scrotum Records)
JEPH JERMAN“Striaton”Keep The Drum (1990 cassette release on Apraxia)
JOHN WIESE / LASSE MARHAUG“The Domination”Country And Western (2010 CD release on Helicopter)
DANIEL MENCHE - “1″Blood Sand (1995 C60 cassette release on Noise)