Oct 262011

AARON DILLOWAY “Rude Dogs 9”Rude Dogs (2005 C90 Compilation on Fag Tapes)

FREEBASS“Untitled”Free Digital download – ((2009 recording on DAM records)

AUBE “Bound Sensitivity”Wired Trap (1995 CD release on Self Abuse Records)


CHAINFIGHT“Side B”Prison Sweat (2008 2xC22 cassette release on Chondritic Sound)

CHRISTOPHER RIGGS“VI”The Strong Must Protect The Sweet (Free digital download from christophertriggs.com)



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Oct 192011

MASAYUKI JMANISHI“Heavy Motion”split 12″ (

GOVERNMENT ALPHA “Burial Ground”Resolution of Remembrance 1992 – 1999


MR NATURAL “Tokyo out 2005”Split 12″

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Oct 192011

BRAINS  (Drew Ceccato, tenor Chris Golinski, drums) – “Periscii”Gristle and Skins (2010 CD release on Edgetone Records)

RHYS CHATHAM “Crossing the Sword Bridge of the Abyss”Outdoor Spell (2010 CD release on Northern-Sky Records)

EVAN PARKER“Aerobatics 9 (Not with the fire in me now)”Saxophone Solos (2009 CD reissue on PSI of a 1975 LP release by FMP)


MERZBOW w/ JAZZKAMMER“Untitled”Live at Molde Int’l Jazz Festival (2005 CD release on Small Town Super)

AUFGEHOBEN“Manotgog”Messidor (2006 CD release on Holy Mountain)

 JOHN OLSON, MIKE CONNELLY, NATE YOUNG and JOHN WIESE “Untitled” Wheels Of Confusion (2006 CDr release from American Tapes)

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Oct 122011

AN INNOCENT YOUNG THROAT CUTTER “Brink Of Madness” –  Mrs. Wardth (2009 vinyl  LP release on Urashima)

ANTHEA CADDY & THEMBI SODDELL“Iland 2”Iland (2006 CD release on Cajid Media)

ENODIA & WEREWOLF JERUSALEM “Suffocation Of Dead Signals”Morgue Melancholy/Suffocation Of Dead Signals (2010 limited edtion cassette release on Scorze Records)


SEIIJIRO MURAYAMA“Faxia 02”4 Pieces with a Snare Drum (2009 CD release on Petit Label)

PETER EVANS & TOM BLANCARTE“Mulungu”Sparks (2008 CD release on Creative Sources)

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Oct 052011

GREG KELLEY“Uncomfortable” Greg Kelley Is Uncomfortable – (one sided 12″ release on American Tapes)

JOHN ZORN “Aoyama Michi”The Classic Guide To Strategy – (1986 LP release on Lumina Records)


CHRISTINE SEHNAOUI “Solo”Solo – (2008 CD release on Olof Bright)

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