Sep 292010

DORCHESTER LIBRARY -   “Incest Tales” –    Hated Perversions (2008 CD compilation released on Freak Animal Records)

2   HAIR POLICE-    “That’s Not Blood” Blow Out Your Blood (2002 CD release on Freedom From)

3   A FAILED ASSOCIATION “from the door of a fleeing train” -  (CD release/ unknown label)

4   ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKII –   “Persepolis” (remix titled Doing By Not Doing )Iannis Xenakis Persepolis + Remixes Edition 1 – (2002 dbl cd release on Asphodel)


5   MOKE GROTTON -   “Untitled” –   Flesh Is Lunacy (2005 CDr release on Not On Label)

JAZKAMER -   “Friends of Satan”  – Metal Music Machine (2006 CD release on Smalltown Supernoise)

7   GREG KELLEY & ALEX NEILSON -    “Blessing the Throat” –   Graveside Doles (2006 LP release on Ultra Eczema)

8   KAORU ABE, MOTOHARU YOSHIZAWA, TOSHINORI KONDO, DEREK BAILEY -    “Spear-Core” -   Aida’s Call (1999  CD release on Starlight Furmiture Co)

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Sep 222010

MERZBOW – “The Slayer Calls at Night” - Live CBGB’s NYC 1998 (2008 CD release on Digital Hardcore Recordings)

MACRONYMPHA – “Semite (Arab and Jew)” - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1995 LP release on Praxis Dr. Bearmann)

AMERICAN BAND – “Out Nurture” – Low Fiction (2009 LP release on Hot Relases)

RYFYLKE – “Ryger” - Boknafjord (2004 CD release on Roggbif Records)

MSBR – “Positive Action 1″ - Metal Stricken Terror Action - Dedicated to Richard Rupenus (1995 cassette release on Banned Productions)

K2 – DesT AmarT KollapsE” – Split 7″(1996 7″ release on Leg Meat)

GX JUPITTER-LARSEN & BLACKHOUSE – “Untitled” – Untitled  (2006 CDr collaboration)

WASTELAND JAZZ UNIT – “Hollow Gathering” - Space Denial (LP released in 2009 on Nashazphone)

THE NEW MONUMENTS-”All Our Cathedrals Are Unfinished” -The New Monuments (LP released in 2009 on Important Records)Binary Option Signalsпродвижение поисковикахнщгешиузимова резинадебет 08 кредит 60хоум кредит горячая линия 8800кредиты молодым семьям

Sep 152010

AUBE - “Aquatremble 2″  (6:27) – Flush  -  (1997 lp release on Iris Light Records)

MERZBOW -  “101 Ring”  (7:34) – Vratya Southwards (1987 cassette release on ZSF)

EVAN PARKER and PAUL LYTTON -   “Lytton Perdu”    (13:26)  -  Collective Calls (Urban) (Two Microphones)  – (1972 LP release on Incus Records)

AGENCEMENT – “Homeo Box & A.T.G.C.”   ( 7:18)  –   Various Artists-Ne Shi  – ( 2 x Cassette Compilation Box Set. Released on Banned Production in 1994)

AMM -  “Later During a Flaming Riviera Sunset”  (21:07)  – AMMMusic – (1967 LP release on Elecktra)
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Sep 082010

????, 16 Bitch Pile Up, Tom & John Sick Llama, Rodger Stella, No Fucker, New Pledge Master, Moon Travellers, Iron Lung, The Hell Fire Holy, The Haunting, Hair Police, Damion Romero, Burning Star Core, Body Morph, Birth Refusal, Axcx & Khrust, Alicia Warning & Hive Mind  - ” Silence” –     No State No Sound   V/A  LP  (2008 / American Tapes)

BIRCHVILLE CAT MOTEL - “Cast Iron Teether” Birchville Cat Motel

GRUNT - “Piikkilangan Takana”Petturien Rooli (LP / Freak Animal)

GREG KELLEY & ALEX NEILSON - “Ringing the Devil’s Knell”  -   Graveside Doles LP  (2006 on Ultra Eczama)

Silence    1:01    ????       No State No Sound
Silence    1:01    16 Bitch Pile Up    No State No Sound
Silence    1:04    Tom & John       No State No Sound
Silence    1:00    Sick Llama       No State No Sound
Silence    1:06    Rodger Stella       No State No Sound
Silence    0:58    No Fucker    No State No Sound
Silence    1:07    New Pledge Master       No State No Sound
Silence    1:04    Moon Travellers    No State No Sound
Silence    1:01    Iron Lung    No State No Sound
Silence    1:07    The Hell Fire Holy    No State No Sound
Silence    1:08    The Haunting       No State No Sound
Silence    1:01    Hair Police    No State No Sound
Silence    1:01    Damion Romero    No State No Sound
Silence    1:04    Burning Star Core    No State No Sound
Silence    1:42    Body Morph        No State No Sound
Silence    1:12    Birth Refusal        No State No Sound
Silence    1:06    Axcx & Khrust         No State No Sound
Silence    1:04    Alicia Warning          No State No Sound
Silence    1:02    Hive Mind        No State No Sound
Cast Iron Teether    8:08    Birchville Cat Motel    Birchville Cat Motel
Be    3:21    The Hospitals    JazzPiikkilangan Takana     15:33    Grunt    Petturien Rooli
Blow This Thing    2:13    Merzbow    Live CBCG’s NYC 1998
Ringing the Devil’s Knell        8:00        Greg Kelley & Alex Neilson       Graveside Doles

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Sep 012010

DAVE PHILLIPS - “Il Corral” – Two Thousand Five  (Blossoming Noise / Shark Bite Tapes)

JOHN WIESE - “Circle Snare (Second)” - Circle Snare (PPM)


THE RITA - “Skate” – Snorkel / Skate

SISSY SPACEK -” Remote Whale Control 2″ – Remote Whale Control

RICE CORPSE - “Peking Duck” – Mrs. Rice Corpseok-options.comBeats Studio Wireless24option safeкупити скутера бувзять кредит в новосибирскехоум кредит банк контактыхоум кредит в коломне