Jul 282010

AGENCEMENT – “Homeo Box & A.T.G.C “. –  Ne – Shi –  (V/A dbl cassette release on Banned Production,  1994.)

AUFGEHOBEN “A Bastard Reasoning” Khora – (CD on Holy Mountain, released in 2008)

AUBE“Elysia, Valley Of The Metal”Aube Singles 1995-1998 – (dbl CD released on G.R.O.S.S.)

ZEBRA MU “untitled” –  Extinction Vol. 2″ –  (Buisnesscard CDr on Quagga Curious Sounds, released in 2009)

GAS CHAMBER “Bodyshock”Gas Chamber – (cassette, released on 412Recordings in 2008)

AMERICAN BAND “Out Nuture” Low Fiction – (LP release on Hot Releases 2009)

GERRITT “Cali Mega” California (10 LP box set on Troniks, Ground Fault, RRR 2006)binary options bonustraderush strategпосудомоечные машины ценыкупить апартаменты snapper lakesроссийский кредит банккредит в москве без пропискикредит по карте кукурузаproducts life cycle definitionmiami real estate condosinternet marketing orange countyраскруткаwifihacker.rugateпримеры рекламных буклетов

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Jul 252010

Dave Phillips

was born in zug, switzerland in 1969 to an english father and a french mother; lives in zürich.

has had the honour to perform & record with: rudolf eb.er, daniel löwenbrück, tom smith, reto mäder, francisco meirino, antoine chessex, christian weber, masonna, randy h.y. yau, scott arford, john wiese, kid commando, the new blockaders, leticia castaneda, tomasz twardawa, neil campbell, eric boros, stephen thomas, joke lanz, monno, lucas abela, mario löffel, mike reber

is guilty of hypocrisy by adding to the pollution problem through traveling to play live in: switzerland, germany, austria, france, italy, belgium, netherlands, england, denmark, norway, finland, lithuania, latvia, poland, czech republic, slovakia, slovenia, russia, republic of belarus, romania, canada, usa, australia, new zealand, hong kong, singapore, taiwan, japan, south korea, greece

Also Playing:

  • Hassler/Butcher
  • Cursory
  • Stephen Fenton
  • Mr. Natural
  • Mike Payne
  • Free Bass
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Jul 212010

ORGANUM “Happy” – Die Letzte Musik Vor Dem Krieg 7″

MSBRTNSBR 2 feat.  The New Blockaders” – Metal Stricken Terror Action-Dedicated to richard Rupenus CD

M. Northam -” Stratum” – Geosynclines CD

KIYOSHI MIZUTANI“Cemetary 3” –  Cemetary CD

JOHN HUDAK” Hush of the Hushing Dust” – Husher CD


KK NULL “17” – GeV –  CD

DEREK BAILEY & HAN BENNINKAn old woman is shelling beans inside her privy parts. It sounds “like the deep croaking of a frog” I.C.P. 004 LP

GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA” Perfect Union” – The Private Sea Of Dreams” – LP on RCAооо полигон работаTY106продажа коттеджей фотоsexy legs and feetденьги в долг срочно курсккредит 100деньги в долг брестлетние шины 215binaryсоздание и продвижение сайта самостоятельноmalaysia high class modelsсмс безднапо imei проверить слово

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Jul 142010

INCAPACITANTS“Peony Crackers Pt. 2” – Pariah Tapes

GRUNT“Pro Patria et Legs” – Petturien Rooli

ENDLESS SEA“Untitled” – Hunter’s Song

AUBE, MSBR & KOJI MARUTANI “04” – 3 Cadavres Exquis

NATE WOOLEY & PAUL LYTTON“Filtering the Fogweed” – Creak Above 33

NATE WOOLEY & PAUL LYTTON“The Lonely Fisherman” – Creak Above 33

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Jul 072010

MERZBOW “Iggy” – Mechanization Takes Command

MACRONYMPHA “Hispanic” – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

ORGANUM” Organum” – Organum

KNURL/SMELL & QUIM“Atrophy/Meat + 3 Vegatables” – Bilateral Separation

THE BLUE HUMANS” Track 2″ – Live NY 1980

LIZ ALLBEE  / CHRISTOPHER RIGGS“Untitled” – Forced Collapse – Consider the Weather’s Failure


JOHN WIESE “Circle Snare” (First) – Circle Snareсекс подростки геисковорода индукционнаямайские праздники в 2013батарейки аккумуляторыпремьер кредитденьги в долг сочикредит наличными сургутgirls escort in singaporeрекламы в интернетекосметика маке upescorts in turkeyПрограмма для взлома почты mail.rugtabinary-method.net

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