GELSOMINA - “Oily Rope’  - Waste Oil Recycled Vol. 2 (2005 CDr release on Sick Art Products)

ABH - “Untitled”Unbounded Wall  (2010 C35 cassette release on Rockatansky Records)

BARK! - “The Theoretician”Fume Of Sighs (2012 CD release on PSI)

MERZBOW - “Untitled” - Live Performance Feb 1985 (1985 C60 cassette release on Le Syndicate)


HANDS TO - “Biasis 2″ - Scrine (1988 C60 cassette release on Harsh Reality Music)

ID M THEFT ABLE“And How Do I Become a “Sunshine Superman”?”  E Custodial New Star Gaze (2005 CDr  release on Mang-Disc)

JEAN TINGUELY - “Untitled #2″Sculpture at the Tate (2012 vinyl LP reissue on Edition Bierammer)

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KNURL – “Untitled” -   Kurtosis (2002 CDr release on Harshnoise)

DANIEL MENCHE – “Untitled 4″ -   Flaming Tongues (2005 CD re-release on Blossoming Noise)

BRUCE RUSSEL & JOHN WIESE – “California Front” -    Fronts (2006 vinyl 7″ release on Helicopter)

DANIEL LOWENBRUCK & MARCELLVS L. – “Untitled” -   Stallgewitter (2014 vinyl LP release on IDEAL Recordings)


ALEXANDER VON SCHLIPPENBACH & PAUL LOVENS – “Stranger Than Love (Continued)” -   Stranger Than Love (1985 vinyl LP release on Po Torch Recordings)

FRED FRITH & MICHEL DONEDA – “Point D’Amure” -  Fred Frith, Michel Doneda (2014 CD release on Vand’Oeuvre)

AMM – “The Aarhus Sequences 2 (1969)” -  Laminal (1996 3 x CD release on Matchless Recordings)


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AUFGEHOBEN“Urorganon” -   Messidor (2006 CD release on Holy Mountain)

BARK! - “Zodiac”Fume Of Sighs (2012 CD release on PSI)

DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE – “Moving Masses – Pt. II” -  “The Escape Of The Electrified Dermatologist Epitomises His Dissent With The Compromising Juxtaposition Of The Smell And The Sound Of A Pair Of Wings Injured In Subdued Romance.” (2006 2 x CD release on Monochrome Vision)

BEAUTY SCHOOL - “B5″Residual Ugly (2015 cassette release on Humbler Records)


FRANCISCO LOPEZ - “Klokken”Machines    (2010 2 x CD release on Elevator Bath)



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NMPERIGN AXEL DORNER, BURKHARD BEINS“Untitled ”     Nmperign, Axel Dörner, Burkhard Beins (2002 vinyl LP release on Twisted Village)

THE NEW BLOCKADERS & DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE - “Munitions Qui Flirtent / Coccyx Jouettent Sur Un Chemin Dechiqueté / Fidritures De Contraire De Fievreux /  Consument Une Demande De Peu De Choses “   The Monosyllabic Bicycles Tri-Coloured Quadruples     (2008 vinyl LP release on Equation Records)

ANTHONY PATERAS & ROBIN fOX -   “Aphasia”       Flux Compendium (2006 CD release on Edition Mego)

JOHN WIESE – “Solitaire” -   Deviate from Balance (2015 2 x LP release on Gilgonggo Records)

ALFREDO COSTA MONTEIRO - “clair de bee”     –   Clair De Bee / Springwork #1 – (2008 split mini CDr(w/Lee Patterson) onCompost and Height)

AUBE - “I-Hou”      -       108 (1999 CD release on Old Europa Cafe)


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THE RITA - “Untitled”Queen Sheets (2015 2 x vinyl LP release on Urashima)

DETERGE“GRB 130427A” -       Accrete To Me (2014 C -15 cassette release on New Forces)

AUFGEHOBEN“A3-Ethicsisnoption (TI23)” -        Fragments of the Marble Plan (2012 vinyl LP release on Holy Mountain)


HAAZZ & COMPANY“Unlawful Noise” -       Unlawful Noise (1976 vinyl LP release on KGB Records)


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THE NEW BLOCKADERS“Side A” –     Reductio Ad Absurdum    (2010 vinyl LP release on Harbinger Sound)

PATERAS, BAXTER, BROWN - “You can do it pimp lucius” –     13:18    Pateras, Baxter, Brown    Interference    (2008 CD release on


CHAPELS - “blood miracle, part 2″ –     10:48    rambutan/chapels    split    (2009 c59 cassette release on Stunned Records)

BEN BENNETT “If you want to hear some definite pitches, I’m sure you could make some yourself pretty easily”.    4:37    Ben Bennett    Spoilage (2012 vinyl LP release on Experimedia)
SEBASTIEN BOUHANA - “très nettement” –     13:28    Sébastien Bouhana    Tambour, pas tant (bass drum solo)       (2011 MPs release on Insubordinations)


INCAPACITANTS“Half Acoustic Night Of 80″ -       Default Standard (1999 CD release on Alchemy Records)

HIJOKAIDAN“Secret Desire” –         Viva Angel (1984 vinyl LP release on Alchemy Records)

LASSE MARHAUG“The Comfort Of Objects 2″ –        The Comfort Of Objects (1999 CD release on (OHM) Records)

PUTREFIER“Emotional Ebullition” –        Cilium To Mkd Structure (1996 CD release on Batarr)

HANDS TO“Sletan” –         Toumani (1990 C60 cassette release on Sounds Of Consciousness Rape)


DANIEL MENCHE - “hand against her sand”  –   Scattered Remains: Early Rarities (2005 2 x CD release on Solielmoon Recordings)

TAINT“Untitled”  -  Prey (1995 cassette on Taint Entertainment)

MICHAEL GRAEVE“Narrative”  -  Simple Methods For Complex Times  (2001 CD on Megalomania, Micromania)


HAL HUTCHINSON“Taste Of Iron 1″ -     Dedicated To Damage (2015 split CD compilation release on Untergeschoss / Filth and Violence)

JOHN WIESE“Dramatic Accessories”Deviate From Balance (2015 2 x vinyl LP release on Giogongo Records)

DANIEL MENCHE - “Untitled 1″ –    Flaming Tongues (2005 CD release on Blossoming Noise)


BROTZMANN/VAN HOVE/BENNINK“Garten” -   Balls (1970 vinyl LP release on FMP)

CEMENT WOMEN“V” -        Dedication (1993 CD compilation release on Artware Productions)

MERZBOW“Mechanization Takes Command Part  Vi” -        Lowest Music & Arts 1980 – 1983    (2012 9 x vinyl LP box set release on Vinyl On Demand)

RIE NAKAJIMA - “A1″ –         Four Forms (2015 vinyl LP release on Consumer Waste)

ZEBRA MU“Track 03″ -         Extinction Volume 2 (2009 buisness card CDr release on Quagga Curious Sounds)

JOE COLLEY/CRAWL UNIT“Clay Sound, 1″ -       Clay Sound(2002 vinyl 7″ release on Meeuw Muzak)


RYAN HUBER - Track 05″  Abiff’s Gaze    (2014 CDr release in Inam Records)

MASSIMO TONIUTTI“Terra-Cava” –   Cava XI.XI.86    (1987 C46 cassette self release)

ELI KESZLER“Collecting Basin” -  Catching Net    (2012 CD release on Pan)

WEASEL WALTER/MICK BARR/SAM HILLER - “the art of rolling” collaboration   (2015 MP3 download)


HANDS TO - “Yaponcha” –   Cicuye   (2011 MP3 release on Yugen Art)


NOBUO YAMADA - “Objective Ground Level”    –   Empty Time Of TNB (2004 CDr release on ABH)

MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA - “2nd movement”    –    2nd Movement (1983 C60 cassette release on Aquifiler Sodality))

NIHILIST ASSAULT GROUP - “Nihil”     –    NIHILIST ASSAULT GROUP (2009 C20 cassette release on Gnarled Forest)


TAINT - “Noise Discipline “    -   Scopotophilia (1993 Acetate 7″ release on MSBR Records)

KIYOSHI MIZUTANI“A Calm” –     Inferior’s Betrayal (1994 C70 cassette release on Ulcer House)

TETSURO YASUNAGA - “Two Organs” -       Improvised Music From Japan, (2001 10 x CD box set released on Improvised Music From Japan)

NICOLA RATTI - “Track Nine” -    3:30    Nicola Ratti    Streengs (2012 CD release on Senofu Editions)