KIYOSHI MIZUTANI – “Composition” –   Inferior’s Betrayal (1994 C70 cassette release on Ulcer House)

VASCULAE - “At Odds” –    Anxiety Blackout (2014 C23 Self-Release)

BODY COLLECTOR - “Untitled” Six Guitars


BORBETOMAGUS - “Ms. Fisch Brotchen”Zurich (1985 2 x vinyl LP release on Agaric Records)

VIVENZA - “Matérialité objetive”Réalités servomécaniques (1985 vinyl LP release on Electro Insitut)

BUNSHO NISHIKAWA / TIM OLIVE - “Ushitsuki”Improvised Music From Japan 2005 (2005 2 x CD release on Improvised Music From Japan)

AGENCEMENT - “Maceration” –     4:52    Agencement    Noise And Junk Omnibus (1991 CD release ON RRRecords)

PASCAL NIGGENKEMPER - “sharper than a serpent’s tooth” –     2:26    Pascal Niggenkemper    Look with Thine Ears (2015 CD release On Clean Feed )

SISSY SPACEK and PANICSVILLE - “Phys Ed. part two” –     5:23    Sissy Spacek and Panicsville    Self-Titled 7′ (2002 Lathe Cut 7″ released on Helicopter)


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GRUNT“Patriots of the Desert Storm”Symptoms Of The Disease (2001 CDr release on Ninth Circle Music)

K2“Half Cut Motion” -        Hepatopolitika (1994 vinyl LP release on Praxis Dr, Bearmann)

SICKNESS“Acceptable Losses” –   Symptoms Of The Disease (2001 CDr release on Ninth Circle Music)

THIS VERY MOMENT“Kirilov”: –   Complication Compilation (Dbl cassette release on Suitcase Recordings)

T.A.D.M. - “A2-Overtones” -  Underground Canada (1996 C64 various artist cassette release on Mother Savage Noise Productions)


KK NULL & JOHN WIESE   – “untitled”mondo paradoxa (2009 CD release onAufAbwegen)

KIYOSHI MIZUTANI   – “Cemetary 3″ -        Cemetary 1-3 (1991 C46 cassette release on Ul;cer House)

JOE COLLEY & JASON LESCALLEET“Prayer” -        Annihilate This Week (2006 CD release on Korm Plastics)

PENETRATION CAMP“meth”: -        meth/bugs (2007 C20 cassette release on What We Do Is Secret)русские свинг вечеринки видеоgoptions scamapartments south beach miamiкупить жилье miami shoresпотребительский кредит 1000000кредит быстро без проблембанк санкт петербург потребительский кредит


AARON SIEGEL“20″ The Cabinet (2006 CD release on Longbox Recordings)

CHRISTOPHER RIGGS - “8″Prefers Human Voice and Face (2014 MP3 release)

JETTATURA & JOHN WIESE” Jettatura & John Wiese”Jettatura with John Wiese & Leopard Leg – split (2007 cassette release on Hex Out Tapes)

AUBE“Fractured Silence” Shade Away (1999 limited edition CD release on Art-ic Culture)


CHRIS CORSANO & PAUL FLAHERTY - “drunk-faced sun”Low Cost Space Flights (2014 vinyl LP release on Feeding Tube Records)

DANIEL MENCHE“Scratch Of The Mutilated”Daniel Menche Small Cruel Party Scratch Of The Mutilated / Sister Brother (1996 limited edition Acetate 7″ release on MSBR Records)

HANDS TO“Wodice/FLP”Toumani (1990 C60 cassette release on Sounds of Consciousness Rape)

HEDDY BOUBAKER - “Solitude #4″Lack of Conversation (2006 CD release on Creative Sources)

GREG KELLEY & OLIVIA BLOCK“Looking Through Bone”Resolution (2011 CD release on Erstwhile Records)Binary options risk management strategyооо полигон киевпоменять доллары на рубликухонный комбайн б у купитьбыстрые деньги займ воронежкредиты в евросетимебель в кредит спб


SISSY SPACEK“Glass (San Francisco)”  - Glass - (2009 CD release on Misanthropic Agenda)

TAINT - “Untitled”Prey – (1995 C60 cassette release on Taint Intertyainment)


ORGANUM & THE NEW BLOCKADERS“Salute Pt. 1″  - Salute – (1984 C60 cassette release on Frux Productions)

KAY LAWRENCE“Helen”  -  Gills Cut Into Women – (2011 vinyl LP release on Urashima)порно видео японские школьницы24optionmiami beach to south beachкастрюли из керамикикак на теле2 взять кредитденьги в долг в ульяновскезайм 10 тысяч


VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA & THURSTON MOORE“With Thurston Moore” (recorded live 9/27/95 Knitting Factory New York City, New York USA) Violent Onsen Geisha – U.S. Tour ’95 (1995 CD release on Japan Overseas)

OPEN CITY - “dusty sweets, bit parts”two sides of california – (2005 vinyl LP release on RRRecords)


PETALS“sleep to wake” 15:28 petals – sleep to wake wake to sleep – (2010 cassette release on Afternoon Modeling)

TATSUYA NAKATANI“Circle Modern Way”Green Report 12 – (2004 CD release on H&H Production)

LASSE MARHAUGH & JOHN WIESE - “Rip Torn”Country and Western – (2010 CD release on Helicopter)онлайн консультантыqueries meansкастрюля для кипячения молокафототехникбизнес план кредитный брокеркредит 100 одобрениеденьги в долг курск


AARON DILLOWAY“(side B) Corpse On Horseback”Corpse On Horseback (2003 C30 cassette release on Hanson Records)

ASTROMASON & BLUE SABBATH BLACK CHEER“(side B)Endless Black II”Endless Black (2012 C31 limited edition cassette release on Worthless Recordings)


JEROME NOETINGER, MICHEL DONEDA, ERIKM“Nervures (Ribs)”Dos d’anes (Two Danes) – (2009 CD release on Ronda)

ANDREW SCOTT YOUNG“senseless sensei senses census”post den (2012 Andrew Scott Young / Ben Sefrna C31 split cassette release on Car Wash Records)

CORSANO / SHIFLET/ YEH TRIO“Untitled”Live @ Flywheel, Easthampton MA 12/20/03 (2004 CDr elease on Drone Disco)

DIATRIBES & ABDUL MOIMEME“entre les haut-fonds (between the shoals)”Complaintes de Marée Basse (laments of low tides) (2010 MP3 release on Insubordinations)продвижение сайтовРадиоуправляемая автомодель Pilotage Lamboghini Muielago 1/14luxury women watches brandsмайами квартирыпотребительские кредиты спбгде легко взять кредиткредит и его виды


THE NEW BLOCKADERS - “die stunde x”Gesamtnichtswerk: 20th Antiversary Antiology (1982 – 2002) (2003 4CD box set release on Hypnagogia)

MERZBOW - “Pigeon Car”Here (2008 CD release on L White Records)

KOJI MARUTANI - “Multihead” - 3 Cadavres (AUBE, MSBR & KOJI MARUTANI) – (1998 CD release on E(r)ostrate)


TATSUYA NAKATANI & MICHEL DONEDA - “You Come With All The Insects”White Stone Black Lamp (2011 CD release on Nakatani-Kobo)

DEAD COMET ALIVE“Untitled”My World Is Caving In (2006 CDr release on American Tapes)

DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE (The Synthetic Blend)- “Invisible Wars”Was Ist Das, Die Realitat? (What is this. The reality?)(1990 C60 cassette release on Tonspur Tapes)
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MERZBOW / THE GUILT OF…,  - “Oh Lucy!!!” 20:06 Merzbow Split (2010 vinyl LP release on Chrome Peeler Records)

THE NEW BLOCKADERS / JIM O”ROURKE / CHRIS CORSANO - “840 Seconds Over” 7:09  - The New Blockaders / Thurston Moore / Jim O’Rourke – The Voluptulist (2006 CD release on Hospital Productions)

PETER BROTZMANN“Brunches “- (tenor) 0:37 Peter Brotzmann - Solo (1976 vinyl LP release on FMP)
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————WASTELAND WASTELAND JAZZ UNIT - “Solar Static Coves 1″ 13:09 Wasteland Jazz Unit – Solar Static Coves (2008 Limited Edition CDr release on American Tapes)

CHARLES GAYLE (WM. PARKER / VITTAL CHERRY / MICHAEL WIMBERLY ) - “In Christ” 17:09 Charles Gayle – Raining Fire (1993 CD release on Silkheart Records)авито москва бесплатные объявленияподать объявление на олхозеро натрон в танзанииаренда апартаментов north bay villageдебет 10 кредит 60хоум кредит брянскоформить кредитную карту в евросети


OMAR – Untitled – 3:17 – Omar – Red CD

THE HATERS – “Construction As This” – 12:00 – The Haters – The Totimorphous

CHRISTINE SEHNAOUI ABDELNOUR & ANDY MOOR - “02″ – 6:19 – Christine Sehnaoui Abdelnour & Andy Moor - Live @ Circol Malda, Barcelona (14-03-2009)


GAZZA NOVEMBER - “Part 10″ – 8:40 – Gazza November - Untitled Unfinished (1992 double cassette released on Honeymoon Records)

DANIEL MENCHE - “RAW TRAIN MIX” – 14:09 – Daniel Menche (2012 MP3 release)

PRILIUS LACUS“The Leoparty” – 4:32 – Prilius Lacus - Dentro De La Gravedad (1988 C-40 cassette release on V2_Archief)

ORGANUM“Veil” – 2:08 – Organum -The Fight Is Onflorida seo companyBinary options companyкупить резину в киевеphotos of sexy legsкредит на карту кукуруза онлайнкредит с 19 лет мужчинамкукуруза кредит


IMMACULATE GROTESQUE & A FAIL ASSOCIATION“side a”Virgin (2004 limited edition C41 cassette release on DADA Drumming)

SICKNESS / JOHN WIESE - “Bright Region Xanadu”Amnesia (2011 7″ release on Freak Animal Records)

SICKNESS / JOHN WIESE - “Excise”Amnesia – (2011 7″ release on Freak Animal Records)

SICKNESS / JOHN WIESE - “Featherweight - Amnesia – (2011 7″ release on Freak Animal Records)


GRUNT“Piikkilangan Takana”  – Petturien Rooli (2009 CD release on Freak Animal Records)

AUFGEHOBEN“Co Anima”  -  Messidor (2006 CD release on Holy Mountain Records)

SMALL CRUEL PARTY / SUDDEN INFANT“stalker”Play Stalker (1998 7″ collaboration release on eM 13n)best binary options brokerZeetex SU1000car cover for toyota corolla 2013модели ноутбуков асускредит наличными иногороднимкредит наличными 2000000мой кредит хоум