GELSOMINA - “Oily Rope’  - Waste Oil Recycled Vol. 2 (2005 CDr release on Sick Art Products)

ABH - “Untitled”Unbounded Wall  (2010 C35 cassette release on Rockatansky Records)

BARK! - “The Theoretician”Fume Of Sighs (2012 CD release on PSI)

MERZBOW - “Untitled” - Live Performance Feb 1985 (1985 C60 cassette release on Le Syndicate)


HANDS TO - “Biasis 2″ - Scrine (1988 C60 cassette release on Harsh Reality Music)

ID M THEFT ABLE“And How Do I Become a “Sunshine Superman”?”  E Custodial New Star Gaze (2005 CDr  release on Mang-Disc)

JEAN TINGUELY - “Untitled #2″Sculpture at the Tate (2012 vinyl LP reissue on Edition Bierammer)

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KNURL – “Untitled” -   Kurtosis (2002 CDr release on Harshnoise)

DANIEL MENCHE – “Untitled 4″ -   Flaming Tongues (2005 CD re-release on Blossoming Noise)

BRUCE RUSSEL & JOHN WIESE – “California Front” -    Fronts (2006 vinyl 7″ release on Helicopter)

DANIEL LOWENBRUCK & MARCELLVS L. – “Untitled” -   Stallgewitter (2014 vinyl LP release on IDEAL Recordings)


ALEXANDER VON SCHLIPPENBACH & PAUL LOVENS – “Stranger Than Love (Continued)” -   Stranger Than Love (1985 vinyl LP release on Po Torch Recordings)

FRED FRITH & MICHEL DONEDA – “Point D’Amure” -  Fred Frith, Michel Doneda (2014 CD release on Vand’Oeuvre)

AMM – “The Aarhus Sequences 2 (1969)” -  Laminal (1996 3 x CD release on Matchless Recordings)


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AUFGEHOBEN“Urorganon” -   Messidor (2006 CD release on Holy Mountain)

BARK! - “Zodiac”Fume Of Sighs (2012 CD release on PSI)

DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE – “Moving Masses – Pt. II” -  “The Escape Of The Electrified Dermatologist Epitomises His Dissent With The Compromising Juxtaposition Of The Smell And The Sound Of A Pair Of Wings Injured In Subdued Romance.” (2006 2 x CD release on Monochrome Vision)

BEAUTY SCHOOL - “B5″Residual Ugly (2015 cassette release on Humbler Records)


FRANCISCO LOPEZ - “Klokken”Machines    (2010 2 x CD release on Elevator Bath)



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NMPERIGN AXEL DORNER, BURKHARD BEINS“Untitled ”     Nmperign, Axel Dörner, Burkhard Beins (2002 vinyl LP release on Twisted Village)

THE NEW BLOCKADERS & DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE - “Munitions Qui Flirtent / Coccyx Jouettent Sur Un Chemin Dechiqueté / Fidritures De Contraire De Fievreux /  Consument Une Demande De Peu De Choses “   The Monosyllabic Bicycles Tri-Coloured Quadruples     (2008 vinyl LP release on Equation Records)

ANTHONY PATERAS & ROBIN fOX -   “Aphasia”       Flux Compendium (2006 CD release on Edition Mego)

JOHN WIESE – “Solitaire” -   Deviate from Balance (2015 2 x LP release on Gilgonggo Records)

ALFREDO COSTA MONTEIRO - “clair de bee”     –   Clair De Bee / Springwork #1 – (2008 split mini CDr(w/Lee Patterson) onCompost and Height)

AUBE - “I-Hou”      -       108 (1999 CD release on Old Europa Cafe)


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THE RITA - “Untitled”Queen Sheets (2015 2 x vinyl LP release on Urashima)

DETERGE“GRB 130427A” -       Accrete To Me (2014 C -15 cassette release on New Forces)

AUFGEHOBEN“A3-Ethicsisnoption (TI23)” -        Fragments of the Marble Plan (2012 vinyl LP release on Holy Mountain)


HAAZZ & COMPANY“Unlawful Noise” -       Unlawful Noise (1976 vinyl LP release on KGB Records)


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KIYOSHI MIZUTANI – “Composition” –   Inferior’s Betrayal (1994 C70 cassette release on Ulcer House)

VASCULAE - “At Odds” –    Anxiety Blackout (2014 C23 Self-Release)

BODY COLLECTOR - “Untitled” Six Guitars


BORBETOMAGUS - “Ms. Fisch Brotchen”Zurich (1985 2 x vinyl LP release on Agaric Records)

VIVENZA - “Matérialité objetive”Réalités servomécaniques (1985 vinyl LP release on Electro Insitut)

BUNSHO NISHIKAWA / TIM OLIVE - “Ushitsuki”Improvised Music From Japan 2005 (2005 2 x CD release on Improvised Music From Japan)

AGENCEMENT - “Maceration” –     4:52    Agencement    Noise And Junk Omnibus (1991 CD release ON RRRecords)

PASCAL NIGGENKEMPER - “sharper than a serpent’s tooth” –     2:26    Pascal Niggenkemper    Look with Thine Ears (2015 CD release On Clean Feed )

SISSY SPACEK and PANICSVILLE - “Phys Ed. part two” –     5:23    Sissy Spacek and Panicsville    Self-Titled 7′ (2002 Lathe Cut 7″ released on Helicopter)




THE NEW BLOCKADERS“Side A” –     Reductio Ad Absurdum    (2010 vinyl LP release on Harbinger Sound)

PATERAS, BAXTER, BROWN - “You can do it pimp lucius” –     13:18    Pateras, Baxter, Brown    Interference    (2008 CD release on


CHAPELS - “blood miracle, part 2″ –     10:48    rambutan/chapels    split    (2009 c59 cassette release on Stunned Records)

BEN BENNETT “If you want to hear some definite pitches, I’m sure you could make some yourself pretty easily”.    4:37    Ben Bennett    Spoilage (2012 vinyl LP release on Experimedia)
SEBASTIEN BOUHANA - “très nettement” –     13:28    Sébastien Bouhana    Tambour, pas tant (bass drum solo)       (2011 MPs release on Insubordinations)


GRUNT“Patriots of the Desert Storm”Symptoms Of The Disease (2001 CDr release on Ninth Circle Music)

K2“Half Cut Motion” -        Hepatopolitika (1994 vinyl LP release on Praxis Dr, Bearmann)

SICKNESS“Acceptable Losses” –   Symptoms Of The Disease (2001 CDr release on Ninth Circle Music)

THIS VERY MOMENT“Kirilov”: –   Complication Compilation (Dbl cassette release on Suitcase Recordings)

T.A.D.M. - “A2-Overtones” -  Underground Canada (1996 C64 various artist cassette release on Mother Savage Noise Productions)


KK NULL & JOHN WIESE   – “untitled”mondo paradoxa (2009 CD release onAufAbwegen)

KIYOSHI MIZUTANI   – “Cemetary 3″ -        Cemetary 1-3 (1991 C46 cassette release on Ul;cer House)

JOE COLLEY & JASON LESCALLEET“Prayer” -        Annihilate This Week (2006 CD release on Korm Plastics)

PENETRATION CAMP“meth”: -        meth/bugs (2007 C20 cassette release on What We Do Is Secret)


INCAPACITANTS“Half Acoustic Night Of 80″ -       Default Standard (1999 CD release on Alchemy Records)

HIJOKAIDAN“Secret Desire” –         Viva Angel (1984 vinyl LP release on Alchemy Records)

LASSE MARHAUG“The Comfort Of Objects 2″ –        The Comfort Of Objects (1999 CD release on (OHM) Records)

PUTREFIER“Emotional Ebullition” –        Cilium To Mkd Structure (1996 CD release on Batarr)

HANDS TO“Sletan” –         Toumani (1990 C60 cassette release on Sounds Of Consciousness Rape)


DANIEL MENCHE - “hand against her sand”  –   Scattered Remains: Early Rarities (2005 2 x CD release on Solielmoon Recordings)

TAINT“Untitled”  -  Prey (1995 cassette on Taint Entertainment)

MICHAEL GRAEVE“Narrative”  -  Simple Methods For Complex Times  (2001 CD on Megalomania, Micromania)


HAL HUTCHINSON“Taste Of Iron 1″ -     Dedicated To Damage (2015 split CD compilation release on Untergeschoss / Filth and Violence)

JOHN WIESE“Dramatic Accessories”Deviate From Balance (2015 2 x vinyl LP release on Giogongo Records)

DANIEL MENCHE - “Untitled 1″ –    Flaming Tongues (2005 CD release on Blossoming Noise)


BROTZMANN/VAN HOVE/BENNINK“Garten” -   Balls (1970 vinyl LP release on FMP)

CEMENT WOMEN“V” -        Dedication (1993 CD compilation release on Artware Productions)

MERZBOW“Mechanization Takes Command Part  Vi” -        Lowest Music & Arts 1980 – 1983    (2012 9 x vinyl LP box set release on Vinyl On Demand)

RIE NAKAJIMA - “A1″ –         Four Forms (2015 vinyl LP release on Consumer Waste)

ZEBRA MU“Track 03″ -         Extinction Volume 2 (2009 buisness card CDr release on Quagga Curious Sounds)

JOE COLLEY/CRAWL UNIT“Clay Sound, 1″ -       Clay Sound(2002 vinyl 7″ release on Meeuw Muzak)