ELI KESZLER“Cold Pin – Installation Recording” -  Catching Net    (2012 2xCD release on PAN)

THE NEW BLOCKADERS / THURSTON MOORE / JIM O’ROURKE – ” The Voloptulist” - The Voloptulist   (2007 vinyl LP release on Ecstatic Peace)


BEAUTY SCHOOL - “A1″  –   Residual Ugly   (2015CD release on Humbler Records)

STEPHEN CORNFORD / PATRICK FARMER - “Untitled”  –    A Measure Of Ground  (2013 2 x cassette release on Consumer Waste)

PBK & HANDS TO - “Surings”    –   Verfall    (2009 MP3 release on The Sound Genetic)

RADIO CEGESTE - “A Lagoon Considered Against Its Archival Image”  -  Three Inclements (The Ocean Does Not) (2014 CDr release on Consumer Waste)


DANIEL MENCHE“Guts Four”GUTS (2012 2x vinyl LP release on Editions Mego)

SICKNESS - “Live at Last Rites ii 102411 – O’Briens Pub – Boston” -    10:03   “Live at Last Rites ii 102411 – O’Briens Pub – Boston“    (2013 MP3 release on SoundCloud)

BROTZMANN/VAN HOVE/BENNINK” wir haben uns folgendes uberlegt” -      fmp 0130 (1973 vinyl LP release on FMP)

NICK FORTE“Infusoria” -       Primordial Forms (2015 vinyl LP release on Amish Records)

RIE NAKAJIMA - “B2″ -     Four Forms (2015 vinyl LP release on Consumer Waste)

MICHAEL MUENNICH10’28”    -         Abbitte (2013 C22 cassette release on Banned Productions)


Intro    1:15    Sound Grammar:

ORNETTE COLEMAN - “Song X”    - 10:22     Sound Grammar (2006 CD release on Sound Grammar)

ORNETTE COLEMAN - “First Take” –     17:02  Free Jazz (1961 vinyl LP release on Atlantic)


ORNETTE COLEMAN - “We Now Interrupt For A Commercial” –     3:19     New York Is Now! (1968 vinyl LP release on Blue Note)

ORNETTE COLEMAN“Moon Inhabitants” –     4:36     The Art Of The Improvisers (1970 vinyl LP release on Atlantic)

ORNETTE COLEMAN - “Harlem’s Manhattan” –     8:11     The Art Of The Improvisers (1970 vinyl LP release on Atlantic)

ORNETTE COLEMAN - “Cross Breeding” –     11:20      Ornette On Tenor (1962 vinyl LP release on Atlantic)


WHITE GIMP MASK“Gator #1″  -  Cognitive Distortion     (2011 CDr release on Violent Wall Records)

GK MONTGOMERY / CHOP SHOP“Speed, Aggression, Violence & Desire”    –   Fragment 4     (1992 C45 cassette release on ND Records)

CHARLIE DRAHEIM“Black Infest Side A”     –     Black Infest     (2008 C-62 cassette release on Fag Tapes)


PASCAL NIGGENKEMPER” this shall not be revoked” –         Look with Thine Ears   (2015 CD release on Clean Feed)

FRODE GJERSTAD & LASSE MARHAUG“red edge” –         red edge    (2004 CD release on Breathmint, Carbon Records, Little Mafia Records, Sunship Records & Gameboy Records))

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND and JUNKO“Lip Splitter” –         Sans Palatine Uvula    (2013 CD release on 4iB Records)

GUNTER MULLER & LE QUAN NINH“La Voyelle” -        La Voyelle Liquide    (2000 CD release on Erstwhile)


MANIA“untitled” - Insidious and Alone (2010 C30 cassette release on Freak Animal Records)

HAL  HUTCHINSON“Damage Portrait I”    10:58    Damage Portrait (2012 cassette release on At War With False Noise)

VIVENZA - “Unité des machines”    9:01-Réalités servomécaniques (1985 vinyl LP release on Electro Institut)

MURDER CORPORATION - “Untitled”    3:07    Butcher Meat (1993 C45 cassette release on Murder Release)


UMPIO“Wrapped In Plastic”     15:00       Tripamishqi (2012 C30 cassette release on Terror)

AUBE“Strayed Base”    13:18       Variable Ambit (2011 Cd release on House Pig)


DEAD MACHINES - “Futures, Pt.2′    12:33    Futures (2005 vinyl 10″ release on Troubleman Unlimited)

WEREWOLF JERUSALEM“Crimson Cult” 15:05    Curse Of The Crimson Altar (2013 3 x C30 cassette Box set release on Total Black)


HEDDY BOUBAKER“Solitude #2″    11:10    Lack of Conversation (2006 CD release on Creative Sources)

SISSY SPACEK“SOJBX”    5:09    California Ax – Police (2008 4 x CD box set release on Helicopter)

THE NEW BLOCKADERS / PUTRIFIER - “B3-Schuurvellen”    3:32    Schleifmittelbogen (2007 vinyl LP release on Birthbiter)

LASSE MARHAUG & JOHN WIESE“Turning the Ocean Into a Bomb”    3:50    Country and Western (2010 CD release on Helicopter)

DANIEL MENCHE“Incineration 3″    7:54     Incineration (1993 limited edition box set release on Soleilmoon Recordings)


MERZBOW – “Side B” -  The Lampinak (1985 C60 cassette release on ZSF Produkt)

HIJOKAIDAN“Angel Dust”The Never ending Story Of The King Of Noise (1992 4xCD box set release on Alchemy Records)


GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA -  “Fili 2″ (Prove Concerto ’67)        Azioni 1967-69 (2006 2xCD/DVD box set release on Die Schachtel)

DANIEL MENCHE“Side A”        Furious Eclipse (1995 vinyl 12″ release on Soleilmoon Recordings)

YEAST CULTURE“9328 Biocarrier”           Er Ist Tief Und Dein Wasser Ist Dunkler (He is deep and your water is darker) (1991 vinyl LP compilation release on Quiet Artworks)



DAVID JACKMAN - “Fiery Holes” –  Fiery Holes (1996 CD EP release on Aeroplane)

THE RITA - “Untitled” -   Queen Sheets (2015 Dbl vinyl 12″ release on Urashima)


JOHN WIESE - “Scorpion Immobilization Sleeve” –   Seven Of Wands (2011 CD release on PAN)

ELI KESZLER & ASHLEY PAUL - “Aster III” –   Aster (2009 vinyl LP release on R.E.L. Records)

LEE NOYES“Drums and Sampler Solo” - All Angles (2009 CD release on Array)


THE NEW BLOCKADERS“NK Berlin”   -   Nonchalant Acts Of Artistic Nihilism (2015 CD release on Klangalerie)

YUJI TAKAHASHI - “Krzlgch” Untitled    (2006 CD compilation release on Atak)


WOLF  EYES - “Lunatic Binge” -    Lunatic Binge (2006 single sided limited edition vinyl 12″ / not on label)

SKIN GRAFT“Untitled”24 Grudges  – (2008 C40 cassette release on Pleasure Dome Tapez)

SICKNESS“Wiring In The Body” -     Schizoid (2004 CDr compilation release on Ninth Circle Music)


JASON CRUMER“Nothing Could Have Stopped This” -   Ottoman Black (2008 CD release on Hospital Productions)

AUBE“Submerged Tension Part 2″ -  Submerged Tension Remix (1993 C-46 cassette release on G.R.O.S.S.)

BEAUTY SCHOOL“B4″ –    Residual Ugly (2015 cassette release on Humbler Records)

HAL HUTCHINSON“Dead Weight” –     Dedicated To Damage (2015 CD release on Untergeschoss / Filth and Violence)

TRANSIENT ENVIRONMENTAL FEEDBACK“Untitled” –     Symptomatic Harbinger (2013 CDr release on Harshnoise)


SCRAPED FACE“Track 01″Scraped Face/FREEBASS split (2014 C20 cassette release on DAMrecords)

MACRONYMPHA“Untitled” -   Metal (2009 C20 cassette release on Mother Savage Noise Productions)

SOFT OPTION KILLING“Untitled” –   Soft Option Killing (2010 cassette release on Hospital Production)

MERZBOW“tatara” –   Antimonument (1986 limited edition vinyl LP picture disc release on ZSF)